Earthwool OmniFit – Seeing really is believing

By Steve Smith: Market Development Manager (Knauf Insulation Northern Europe)

Sometimes you have to see something to believe it. The saying ‘seeing is believing’ is credited as first being used in the 1600’s and a similar saying – ‘The proof is in the pudding’ – dates back to the early 14th century.

Both sayings are particularly relevant when launching a new product and trying to explain the benefits of that new product to your customers. That’s why we’ve taken our new Earthwool OmniFit range to the road, to show both stockists and installers the many benefits for themselves.

Last year, we carried out a detailed research study which revealed some startling results; 89 per cent of installers surveyed would be keen to trial an alternative insulation product to existing flexible slabs and rock mineral wool rolls, if it meant that handling would be easier and the products would be softer to touch.

We realised that we had to fill this gap and therefore developed the new Earthwool OmniFit insulation range – designed to be ‘Fitter Friendly’.

However, we knew that we couldn’t just tour the country and ‘tell’ people that it solved the problems our installers were highlighting – after all, we would say it was an improvement wouldn’t we. The only way for them to really believe us, was to let them touch and feel it for themselves – and install it using a demonstration rig. What better way to show them the many benefits it offers – the main one being that it solves the problem they had with handling.


Since we introduced the Earthwool OmniFit range, we’ve been touring the UK & Ireland from Aberdeen down to Devon, from Belfast to Donegal – and the response from the people who have touched and installed the product has been fantastic.

“Brilliant product which was easy to handle and install. Would definitely use it again.”

Gary (Gipping Construction)

“The results speak for themselves”

Roger Bisby (Professional Builder Magazine)


And it’s not just Fitter Friendly – it’s Stockist Friendly too. Due to excellent compression packaging technology, we can fit up to 3 times as many square metres of Earthwool OmniFit products on a pallet, when compared to alternative products our stockists may be stocking.

Not only does that space saving give our stockists benefits when it comes to warehousing, it also gives cost and efficiency benefits when transporting products either between their branches, or when delivering to customer sites. Stockists are seeing this benefit and are as positive as our installers;

“I have had great feedback from our contractors and we will definitely be keeping the slab in all branches.”

Phil (Buttles Builders Merchant)

For more information on the Earthwool OmniFit range of products, or to find a stockist visit

To arrange a session to see the product for yourself, call us on 01744 766 866.

After all, the proof is in the pudding and seeing really is believing.

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