What ECOSE® Technology means to the market place

By Graham Wroe: Sales Director (Building and Distribution) Knauf Insulation Northern Europe

Four years ago, Knauf Insulation introduced a formaldehyde-free binder technology, named ECOSE Technology. Products manufactured using ECOSE Technology have a distinctive brown colour, are odourless, and easy to cut and install. These qualities may have different importance to different customers, but when combined, show great innovation and product differentiation. The products are also highly sustainable and environmentally friendly, which is vital to Knauf Insulation, our customers and the end user.

In this day and age, there is a much greater need for specifiers to fully understand the environmental performance of the products and solutions available to them. We know from speaking to the specification community and our clients and partners, that sustainability is high on their agenda. As sustainable building becomes a growing part of today’s construction industry, building products are required to be ever more environmentally friendly, something which ECOSE Technology is helping to deliver. The superior environmental characteristics of mineral wool products manufactured with ECOSE Technology, make a significant contribution to improving the overall sustainability of buildings in which they are incorporated. A recent example of this is our work with Marks & Spencer, providing insulation to their Ellesmere Port store in Cheshire. The store was designed to be the most carbon efficient premier store with a holistic approach taken towards key sustainability factors such as water, carbon, biodiversity, the community, materials and waste to landfill.

Contractors, who have a more hands on approach, are often very complimentary about products manufactured with ECOSE Technology. Trials were conducted throughout Europe with over 500 installers. More than 90% stated that the products using ECOSE Technology are much softer, less dusty and easier to handle and install when compared to our conventional mineral wool products. You can read further testimonials from a number of installers here.

Graham Wroe Blog

© Image provided by Knauf Insulation

Merchants and stockists appreciate the colour differentiation that ECOSE Technology brings as it makes our products more identifiable onsite and in warehousing. This has the added benefit of saving them valuable time and effort when it comes to product location and order fulfilment. By stocking products manufactured with ECOSE Technology, merchants and stockists also play their part in placing innovative, highly sustainable and environmentally friendly products on the market.

From specification to installation, there are great benefits for all parties involved in the supply chain. The choice is yours, if you have the option of specifiying, stocking or installing conventional mineral wool products, or products manufactured with ECOSE Technology, which one would you choose?

For more information about our approach to sustainability, visit the Knauf Insulation UK Youtube page.

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