Sustainable partnerships built on ECOSE® Technology

By Andrew Brewster: Project Development Engineer responsible for the Sustainable and Environmental delivery of projects for CA Group

There can be no escaping the fact that sustainability has become increasingly important, both to our customers and to our own processes.  As a building envelope specialist, the environmental and sustainable aspects of building design and construction are firmly at the top of our agenda.

A key part of this means choosing products that not only deliver excellent thermal performance but have been manufactured in an environmentally responsible way –which is why we have teamed up with Knauf Insulation to incorporate glass mineral wool products made using ECOSE Technology into our systems.

Choosing to incorporate a product that we know has been sustainably produced – using high levels of recycled material and a binding technology containing no formaldehyde, phenols, with no acrylic or artificial colours added – means we can continue to demonstrate our own commitment to sustainability.  Not only this, it helps us maintain our high standards of construction quality and thermal efficiency.

For example, we delivered an innovative curved roofing solution for BMW, featuring Knauf insulation, at the company’s 43,600m2 distribution facility in Pineham, Northampton.

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Curved roof solutions offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional pitched roofing options but historically they have also come with a significant price tag.  On this project, we were able to deliver a curved roof at no extra cost, while the incorporation of Knauf Insulation’s glass mineral wool insulation has helped us guarantee on-going environmental and financial benefits for the entire life cycle of the building.

The project team used our Twin-Therm® technology, along with Knauf Insulation’s environmentally friendly glass mineral wool insulation products, to create a carbon neutral envelope that provides a high degree of flexibility and exceptional air tightness levels.  The building benefits from eaves to eaves rooflights, which make the most of natural daylight, minimising shadows and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

The introduction of simple sustainability measures, including the reduction of wasted space in the roof cavity, have made a major difference to the building’s energy efficiency, providing BMW with a highly cost-effective building from which to operate. As a result of this sustainable focus, the distribution centre has been rated Excellent by BREEAM.

More and more businesses are realising the importance of sustainability and the need to demonstrate this in all aspects of their activities, including the construction and management of their buildings.  This is a key factor behind our sustainable partnership with Knauf Insulation and is one of the main reasons why we have chosen to incorporate products manufactured using ECOSE Technology into our systems.

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