A fabric first approach to the future with ECOSE® Technology

By Chris Burton: Group Commercial Director of Bloor Homes

The Government has set out ambitious targets for all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016, which means the importance of building sustainable, energy efficient houses is greater than ever.

At Bloor Homes, sustainability is part of our overall approach – from the way we manage our business, to the homes we build and the materials we use to build them.  It’s an all-encompassing philosophy that is a key part of the design and construction of our properties.

We consider sustainable criteria, and encourage the use of sustainable resources, designs and practices over the whole life cycle of the houses we build.  This means that the materials we use must not only deliver the high performance we require, they must also be sustainable in their own right.

For example, in order to meet the increasingly stringent Building Regulations, we have taken a fabric first approach to our properties.  Putting as much effort as possible into the fabric of a home makes sense in many ways – there’s not much point in installing lots of renewable technologies if the heat is simply going to escape through the building envelope.

Bloor Homes Exterior[3]

© – Image provided by Bloor Homes

Insulation is therefore a really important part of the building process.  Primarily, we specify particular insulation products to help us achieve the extremely high levels of thermal efficiency we require, but the added benefits of choosing products from Knauf Insulation, that are manufactured with the ECOSE Technology, are a significant additional bonus that helps us achieve our own sustainable goals.

In the lead up towards zero carbon homes, this is only going to become more and more important.  We will continue to take a fabric first approach as we work towards this goal and so it’s reassuring to know that manufacturers like Knauf Insulation will be with us on this journey.

For more information about our approach to sustainability please visit www.bloorhomes.com/about

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